Insanity Hiit workout

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Physical Fitness Insanity is a comprehensive physical training program that involves guided sessions with high-intensity exercises and mixes cardio and bodybuilding exercises. It also incorporates recovery exercises as elongation and breathing. In addition, the program includes nutritional counselling consisting of educational talks about healthy eating.

What is it for?
• Ensures an improvement in people's health and quality of life through mixed group workouts, which incorporate varied exercises focused on all parts of the body.
• It encourages healthy habits in people, since it aims to value the importance of physical training, healthy eating and rest.
• Integrates the community, as it provides group sports activities that are modifiable and accessible to all people.

Who is it addressed to?
Physical Fitness Insanity is aimed at people of all ages and without generic distinction.
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  • Wekelijks op maandag van 20:00 tot 21:00
  • Wekelijks op woensdag van 17:45 tot 18:45
Cartesiusweg 11BA
€ 6.00
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